Comments from Students and Clients:

Taking a class with Namita teaching is like stepping into the most sacred of places. Her gentleness is that of the divine mother. You know you’re safe and secure and that your spirit can birth forth a forgotten part of itself to create a more whole you. My first session with her brought a reverence to my body that I don't think I'd every felt before. I was fragmented and confused about everything. By the end of the session I could feel my body aligned with my spirit and the veil of confusion was gone, replaced with a clarity that was profound.
– Liz B.

I have had the privilege to be taught by, worked on, and assist Reiko Namita Dewey. She is a wonderful person that has the awesome gift of healing. I believe she is a lovely teacher and I would recommended that you get to know her, be it as a student, client or join in her meditation class. She has truly affected my life in a very positive way.
- Tricia H. aka "jasminwind"

To receive Namita's guidance has been a blessing and an initiation. In the light of Namita's clarity, I began to trust my own intuition. With her steady inspiration, I began to let events unfold with more love and less fear. Namita has inspired my work and transformed my beliefs. Her gentle presence has remarkable power in a classroom; she embodies integrity and compassion. Able to dance fluidly between bone and breath, fluid and spirit, Namita navigates with precision, intuition and wisdom. I cannot recommend this gifted teacher more highly.
- Jenna M. and Chris L.

The teaching from Namita is incredibly thorough as she is really a guide and mirror while she teaches. Her ability to listen when questions are asked shows how much she really cares for the student to be totally clear before leaving her presence. I find it a treat and a privilege on any occasion to receive her information as a teacher.
- Tim L.

Receiving massage from Namita was like being caressed by Mother Divine. Her gentle hands and ability to align with my energy made me feel very safe and nourished at the same time. I highly recommend receiving this healing of the soul from Namita.
- Tim L.

Namita is one of the most profound teachers I have ever encountered. She is knowledgeble and skilled but what makes her unique is her ability to open her heart space, hold it and encourage you to experiment and experience within the energetics of unconditional love. You blossom under her guidance.
- Lynn A.

Namita's classes are the balm that heals the spirit and allows in a depth of experience that is indescribable. Her gentle spirit nurtures while her knowledge inspires the student to ever deeper levels of self knowing. I feel richer for having known Namita.
– Roberta S.

Namita embodies an advanced level of awareness and her personal level of development imbues a more integrative experience for the client. The work is not only sacred; it's positive, transformational and extraordinarily healing. My life wouldn't be the same without Namita's ability to support my integration and growth.
- Willow D.

Namita's sessions balance, soothe, calm, and align the energy in a gentle profound way. She utilizes the aspects of love, femininity, and compassion. I felt refreshed and peaceful after one of her sessions aware that the work had been very deep, and that the work had unwound months of mental/physical stress.
- Heather C.

Namita works with pure healing intention, sensitivity, and skillful touch to relieve pain and realign the body on its perfect matrix. Her healing sessions are a sacred experience.
- Chris G.

Since my jaw surgery in 1996, I have suffered with TMJ related issues as well as arthritis. Thanks to Namita’s treatments, I have finally found a way to alleviate the tension and find balance. Now it’s all about maintenance!
- Ayesha A. Graduate Student

My experience with Namita is as particular as it could be to find a long-time friend after a lifetime of not seeing each other. She has been more than an extraordinary teacher; she has been a guide, inspiration, motivation and an affirmation of my path and real-self discovery as well as a invaluable friend. The mix of her skills and inner light have changed my life forever in the greatest way possible.
- Sassi M.D.O.

Reiko's tremendous integrity is a beacon for all of her colleagues. Whomever visits her for teaching or healing is fortunate indeed.
- Courtney C

Namita's gentle healing touch relaxed me as she skillfully (shifted, moved) encouraged the blocks and painful areas to release. Namita is called to healing. It is one of her gifts which she generously and gently offers to all. After a brief conversation, she uses her broad experience and expertise to select (determine) the most effective technique for the specific area needing attention. Every session is gentle, deep, relaxing and powerfully healing.
– Diane A.

Upon completing a Fundamentals of Massage class I was interested in pursuing a more in depth class that could enhance my current skills and allow me to bring more healing to my future clients. After much research I was able to narrow my choice down to craniosacral work. The decision was not as difficult to make as expected. Practically everyone I spoke to at the school had heard of Reiko Namita Dewey. The overwhelming response was so positive I decided I needed to experience this class and instructor for myself. I was not disappointed. Namita brings a love of craniosacral to every class and readily shares her vast knowledge with every student. She takes her time with everyone and makes sure all questions get answered and every technique gets explained and properly demonstrated.
- Rene W.

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