We live in a time where so much is changing on the planet as well as in our physical and subtle bodies. The essence of The Art of Sacred Touch (AST) is about introducing a new paradigm of bodywork, which integrates a comprehensive level of awareness, healing and transformation in each of these planes.

AST interweaves Visionary Craniosacral Work with hands-on energy healing, breath, movement and body awareness into a rich tapestry where the body, mind, emotions and spirit are all touched. Neuroenergetic Release® is often integrated into personal sessions to gently facilitate structural shifts that support the healing processes.

About Visionary Craniosacral Work

Visionary Craniosacral Work is a holistic healing practice, which uses extremely light finger pressure to optimize a movement pattern in the body known as the “cranial wave”. In the cranial bones, the movement of the cranial wave can be as little as 40 microns, which is less than half the thickness of a sheet of writing paper. But even with this amount of movement, the human head is so delicate, and so suffused with vital nerve pathways, that even a slight deviation of a bone’s movement or position can produce physical or psychological symptoms, and often both.

Visionary Craniosacral Work is one of the most respectful of all bodywork techniques. It differs from most other modalities by its lightness of touch, and the long, attentive duration of each contact. Clients may be treated fully clothed, or as part of a massage treatment.

This work utilizes focused attention and gentle touch as the foundation of healing. Practitioners are trained to work in a deeply meditative state. In this state, much like homeopathy, the minutest pressure or movement has a deep and profound effect. Less is often better in this work.

About Neuroenergetic Release®

Neuroenergetic Release (NER) was founded by Donald W. Kipp, and is a unique whole-istic system that works at the interface of the neurological, energetic, and muscular systems of the body. The intent is always to gently facilitate the body’s self-correcting response rather than to force a change.

NER is a powerful bodywork and manual therapy for pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and a wide range of health issues. This technique releases structural imbalances, facilitates energy flow, and helps the body realign on it’s own. This allows major structural changes and pain relief to occur in just a few sessions.

NER works by correcting core distortion patterns. This is a pattern of compensations, distortions and asymmetries that are held in the whole body form head to foot, fingertips to toes. NER is a very gentle approach to bringing balance back to the body, and works well in combination with craniosacral work.

Who Can Benefit From This Work?

AST focuses on helping the whole body come back into an energetic and structural alignment, inviting energy to flow freely through the head, spine and pelvis, and may be used to work with painful or restricted conditions anywhere in the body. It can be effective for many conditions such as:

Various Levels of Headaches
Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
Head Trauma
Low Back Pain
Disk Injuries and Herniations
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Pelvic Pain
Sciatic Nerve Pain
Dyslexia, Learning Difficulties
Chronic Fatigue
Bells Palsy
Birth Trauma
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problems

AST can also be highly effective in helping the return of mental clarity and abundant energy after a life-crisis or physical trauma and sometimes helps alleviate chronic depression. Some people seek out treatment for its calming and meditative experience. Others find craniosacral touch to be a deeply spiritual experience and use it to gain the kind of transformative insight that paves the way for important changes in their lives.

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