About Reiko Namita Dewey
Reiko Namita Dewey is an instructor and practitioner in the fields of The Art of Sacred Touch, Visionary Craniosacral Work and Continuum Movement. She has integrated her love and understanding of movement, energy healing and esoteric knowledge into her healing and teaching practice.

In 1994 Namita encountered a life changing experience that encouraged her to leave a successful career in finance to pursue studies in bodywork and healing. Unfolding into a new direction, Namita also traveled to various sacred sites around the world and studied sacred geometries and their relationship to the human experience and healing. This journey has led Namita to her spiritual practice and to a new realization of the Human Condition.

Namita apprenticed for three years in Visionary Craniosacral Work with Hugh Milne of the Milne Institute, where she subsequently taught for several years. She is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher, Neuroenergetic Release practitioner, and a registered Esalen Massage Practitioner. She is also a trained facilitator of the Flower of Life Teachings as presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek, and a ministerial candidate with energy healer Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center Church.

Since embarking on her journey, Namita has completed over 5,000 hours of training in various fields of bodywork, movement education, energy healing and esoteric teachings. Each of these seemingly diverse and essential components are woven into a sphere of knowledge that culminates in her work. The Art of Sacred Touch is not a summation of these parts, but a rich comprehensive synergy that makes an incredibly expansive experience for all who participate.

Namita currently teaches and practices in the Palo Alto area in California, and teaches nationally.


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