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We live in a time where so much is changing on the planet as well as in our physical and subtle bodies. The essence of The Art of Sacred Touch (AST) is about introducing a new paradigm of bodywork, which supports the integration of all of our bodies, and propels us on our journey of transformation. This integrates a comprehensive level of awareness, healing and transformation in each of these planes.

The Art of Sacred Touch is offered in a series of five levels. It has the craniosacral system at its foundation, and weaves in hands-on energy healing, breath, movement, meditation and spiritual awareness into a rich tapestry where the body, mind, emotions and spirit are all touched.
The ultimate goal of these classes is to have us awaken in our spiritual body to be balanced in all of our subtle bodies, so that we may walk in an awakened and integrated state in the physical realm.

Five levels of classes are being offered for a total of 200 hours. Each level of class is four days in duration which may be taught over 2 weekends, or in a four day format. Classes start at 9am and end at 6pm. Optional practice days will be offered periodically in the Bay Area. These offer a space for students to practice and integrate the work at a deeper level.

These classes are for professional health care practitioners and those in the healing arts.

"Sweet Dreams " by Carolyn Quan © 2005

The Classes

The Foundation (4 days)
Heaven and Earth  
Walking on the Earth (2 days)
Heaven – The Space Within (2 days)
Spiraling Galaxies and Sacred Geometries (4 days)
The Creation Story  
Creative Expression (2 days)
The Butterfly Bone (2 days)
Cells of Light / Organs of Light (4 days)
The Caverns  
The Caverns (2 days)
A Time of Rebirth (3 days)

Level One: The Foundation (4 days)

The Foundation

We learn the basis of touch, and what makes touch sacred. We journey into different layers of the body, the skin, the muscles, the fascia, the fluids, the bones and listen to their different stories. Our job is to be still and quiet enough to “hear” these stories, and to invite the intelligence of the body to come forth and allow its’ healing potential to speak. When we are centered, whole, and in our core, we create a space for our client’s system to initiate its own healing process.

We will spend time building a foundation in the anatomical and energetic understanding of the craniosacral system, using cranial bone models, charts, movement, and hands-on practice. We will also spend time learning our internal landscape, and awakening in our spiritual body through meditation and various awareness exercises.

When we listen deeply and with presence, touch becomes a sacred vehicle through which the intelligent energy of our body can communicate to us. It awakens our potential to maintain health and balance, and to adapt to the unpredictable changes and challenges of life.

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Level Two: Heaven and Earth (4 days)

Walking on the Earth

Many of the problems that are experienced on this planet are due to our loss of connection with the earth. As more and more people open to higher energies and frequencies, it becomes increasingly important to be fully anchored in the physical body and connected to the earth.

In this class we connect with the physical structures of the pelvic floor, such as the sacrum, coccyx, pelvic bones, and the soft tissue and muscles, which bring these structures together. Through a series of contacts, students will learn to palpate, open, and integrate these structures into the whole body.

As we open the pelvic floor and learn to bring all of our subtle bodies into these lower charkas, we start to create a relationship with our own bodies and the planet. As we connect to the earth, we open up to an avenue of energy that is boundless.

Heaven – The Space Within

In this class we look at the deeply transformative space between the sutures and at the higher energies of the brain. The sutures in the head allow for approximately 40 microns of movement between the cranial bones. This is less than half the thickness of a sheet of writing paper. When these 40 microns of movement are restricted, various symptoms may result – ranging from light headaches to severe pain and even personality changes. Our journey here is to journey into these spaces and invite them to open and normalize.

As the spaces between the sutures open, we can then begin to go into the core of the cranium, the brain itself. Here we engage with an entirely new universe. As we begin to infuse this area with light, it becomes a gateway to go beyond the physical body to a deeper level of Consciousness. The body can then be our vehicle for entering into higher states of awareness, integrating transcendent experience in our daily lives.

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Level Three: Spiraling Galaxies and Sacred Geometries (4 days)

Everything in nature originates with the spiral. More precisely, the underlying blueprint of the creative universe is based on the golden mean spiral.

In this class we will discover how the body is a natural reflection of the galaxies. We will learn about the energy field around the body and it’s relationship to sacred geometries. We will experience how our bodies are built in accordance with these sacred geometries, and how we move and store energy in our body. Trauma is defined as an action that has not been completed. This incomplete energy gets stored in the body and under the right circumstances can move out in spiraling motions. In the craniosacral work, this is referred to as unwinding, and is an important aspect of the healing process.

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Level Four: The Creation Story (4 days)

Creative Expression

The throat chakra loves to express our inner world to the outer world. However, all too often this natural form of expression gets closed down or is never allowed to open fully to be shared in the world. The way this manifests on the physical plane is though loss of movement in the mandible and jaw area, which can lead to problems such as TMD (temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction), headaches, neck and back pains, as well as a variety of other discomforts and ailments.

We will work with the bones and structures that make up the throat chakra, and facilitate these energy centers to open. We will also address the importance of movement and sound in integrating these openings into the subtle bodies.

The Butterfly Bone

The sphenoid is also known as the butterfly bone. It communicates to us through dreams and has the ability to see and perceive on many levels and many dimensions. When sphenoid is free and filled with light, our whole world becomes supportive and nurturing to us. It is our wings that allow us to soar in this realm and beyond. It is the dream bone. It is light consciousness.

During this class, we will journey with sphenoid, and focus on awakening the light within our brain and our whole being. Students will learn the different movement patterns of sphenoid, and how to invite and facilitate a process of healing, inviting sphenoid to fly.

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"Moonrise Butterfly" by Carolyn Quan © 2005

Level Five: Cells of Light / Organs of Light (4 days)

Our cells are constantly being reborn and changed. We can learn to clear our cells of negative cellular memories and false illusions of the human conditioning and replace these energies with pure light and love. Through this process we divinize our bodies, creating a body of light. In this way, we can truly be Heaven on Earth.

In this class, we learn the process of divinizing the cells, as well as focusing these transformative energies into the organ level of the body. Each organ has it’s own story, and holds various memories and functions. As we learn more about the higher intelligence of our organs, we can assist them in clearing the lower vibrations that they often store and shift into their divine energy matrix.

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Level Six: The Caverns (5 days)

The Caverns

There are different spaces that reside within the cranium. One of these is a network of pneumatic bones, or air sinus bones, that create an interconnecting cavern of space within the cranium. These are the spaces which create the light, gracile structure of our cranium, and give us resonance in our voice
The ventrical system and venous sinus network encompass other caverns of space within the cranium. It is here the cerebrospinal fluid is created, circulated and ultimately carried out of the cranium and back to the heart to be replenished. The optimal circulation of these systems is vital to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

We will be looking at the concept of space, and how to best open, mobilize and invite expansion into these areas within us. We will also look at the energetic aspect of these inner caverns and their interplay to the inner realms of our world.

A Time of Rebirth

This will be three special days of movement, unwinding, transformation and rebirth into our True Self.

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